Pricing & Information
Please note that all prices are subject to change, (up or down), depending on coat condition/dog's temperament etc.

Full Groom

Under 7kg from €55.00

Under 15kg from €65.00

Under 25kg from €75.00 

  • Nose to tail brush out.
  • De-shed.
  • Eyes and ears examined & cleaned.
  • Nails cut/filed.
  • Bath.
  • Fully dried.
  • Styled with scissors and/or clipped.

Puppy Package

Up to 6 months old

Small breed €25.00

Medium breed €35.00

  • Brush Out.
  • Bath if appropriate.
  • Fully dried.
  • Nails cut/filed if required.
  • Puppy Fresh spray fragrance.

A very gentle introduction for your puppy to everything involved in the grooming process, from being handled on the grooming table to being brushed over, bathed, dried and having their faces and feet handled.

Careful consideration is ensured to protect puppy's delicate fur.

Recommended for puppies every 4 -6 weeks up until they are 6 months old.

Wash & Dry

Small Short Haired €30.00

Medium Short Haired €40.00

Small Long Haired €45.00

Medium Long Haired €55.00

  • Nose to tail brush out.
  • Bath.
  • Fully dried.

Single Treatments

Nail Clipping/Filing  -  €10.00

Face Tidy                      -  €10.00

Feet Tidy                      -  €10.00

Brush Out                     -  €15.00